SSH Connection

If you do not have a monitor and keyboard connected to your Raspberry Pi, you need to connect it using SSH to run programs, configure settings, or basically to make anything. If you're using Windows, use Windows PowerShell as a terminal. On Mac OS, you can use its Terminal application.

To make an SSH connection to your Raspberry Pi, open your terminal application. Type "ssh pi@raspberrypi" and hit enter. "pi" is the default username, and "raspberrypi" is Raspberry Pi's default hostname on the network. Then, enter default password "raspberry" to the terminal when asked. Now, you should be logged in to Raspberry Pi.

In some network configurations, your computer may not find the Raspberry Pi device. In such circumstances, get your Raspberry Pi's IPv4 address from the router, and connect to it using "ssh pi@IP_ADDRESS" command where "IP_ADDRESS" is Raspberry Pi's IPv4 address.

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