IR Remote Module

This documentation includes hardware info, installation guidelines and sample code for your hardware.

Overall Info

Turta IR Remote Module carries 38kHz IR Receiver, and an IR Transmitter LED. You can control TVs, air conditioners or any compatible devices with this module. With the onboard IR Receiver your software can learn IR signals from a remote controller, or you can send commands to your software with a remote controller.


Module Connections

  • IR Transmitter LED: PWM.

  • IR Receiver Output: INT.

  • Power: +3.3V, GND.


IR Remote Module's technical specifications are as follows:

  • IR Receiver Model: Vishay TSOP75338W.

  • IR Receiver Frequency: 38kHz.

  • IR Transmitter LED Model: Vishay VSMB10940X01.

  • IR Transmitter LED Peak Wavelength: 940nm.

  • IR Transmitter LED Radiant Power: 35mW.

  • IR Transmitter LED Rise and Fall Times: 15ns.

Compatible Hardware

IR Remote Module is an add-in board for Turta Modular System. You'll need a compatible host device for your module. The following devices support IR Remote Module:

  • Turta IoT Node - ESP32

  • Turta Modular HAT for Raspberry Pi

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