Photocoupler Module
This documentation includes hardware info, installation guidelines and sample code for your hardware.

Overall Info

Turta Photocoupler Module provides two optically isolated input channels. You can read on / off state of these channels. Each input is capable of reading 24V DC input.



Module Connections

    INT: Channel 1 Interrupt.
    GPIO: Channel 2 Interrupt.

External Connections

    PC1 +24V: Channel 1 +24V.
    PC1 GND: Channel 1 GND.
    PC2 +24V: Channel 2 +24V.
    PC2 GND: Channel 2 GND.


LTV-827S' technical specifications are as follows:
    Input Voltage range: 9V to 30V DC.
    Response time: Approx. 4us.
    Input - output isolation Voltage: 5.000Vrms

Compatible Hardware

Photocoupler Module is an add-in board for Turta Modular System. You'll need a compatible host device for your module. The following devices support Photocoupler Module:
    Turta IoT Node - ESP32
    Turta Modular HAT for Raspberry Pi
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