Solid State Relay Module

This documentation includes hardware info, installation guidelines and sample code for your hardware.

Overall Info

Turta Solid State Relay Module turns on or off small electronical devices. You can control a DC fan, LED strip or water pump with this module.


Module Connections

  • GPIO: Relay control, active high.

  • Power: +3.3V, GND.

External Connections

  • NO+: Device GND.

  • GND: Power source GND.

  • Connect Device + to power source +.


LCA-717S' technical specifications are as follows:

  • Maximum Voltage: 30V DC.

  • Maximum Current: 2A.

  • On Resistance: 0.023 Ohms.

  • Turn On Time: 0.92ms (3ms max).

  • Turn Off Time: 0.44ms (3ms msx).

  • Output Capacitance: 100pF.

Compatible Hardware

Solid State Relay Module is an add-in board for Turta Modular System. You'll need a compatible host device for your module. The following devices support Solid State Relay Module:

  • Turta IoT Node - ESP32

  • Turta Modular HAT for Raspberry Pi

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