Gesture Loop Sample

This sample demonstrates detecting hand gestures.

To run the sample:

  1. Copy the sample code to a folder on the Raspberry Pi.

  2. Open terminal, and then go to the folder you copied the sample.

  3. Run the sample with the following command:


Sample Code
#!/usr/bin/env python3

#This sample demonstrates detecting hand gestures.
#Install IoT HAT 3 library with "pip3 install turta-iothat3"

from time import sleep
from turta_iothat3 import Turta_Light
from turta_iothat3 import Turta_Buzzer

light = Turta_Light.LightSensor(Turta_Light.MODES.PROX_GES)
buzzer = Turta_Buzzer.BuzzerDriver()

    while True:
        #Check gestures
        g = light.read_gesture()
        if g is not None:
            print("Gesture Detected: " + str(g))


#Exit on CTRL+C
except KeyboardInterrupt:


When you run the sample, it looks for a gesture data in every loop. When it detects one, prints the direction. The example output should be like this:

Gesture Detected: GESTURES.LEFT
Gesture Detected: GESTURES.RIGHT
Gesture Detected: GESTURES.UP
Gesture Detected: GESTURES.DOWN

To stop the Python script, just press CTRL + C.

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