Windows 10 IoT Core


To get maximum performance from your hardware, please make sure you'll meet the following requirements.

Operating System

We recommend using the latest version of Windows 10 IoT Core. Download the latest version using Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Development Environment

We recommend keeping Microsoft Visual Studio up to date.


You can download the library from NuGet. To do that, go to Visual Studio Solution Explorer, and then right-click to the References. Select Manage NuGet packages. Type "Turta.IoTHAT.IoTHATDriver" and then install the latest stable version.

You can download the library source code from address.


Select a component for set-up and programming guidelines.

pageAPDS-9960 Light SensorpageBME280 Environmental SensorpageBME680 Environmental SensorpageIR Remote ControllerpageMMA8491Q Accel Tilt SensorpageIO PortpagePIR Motion SensorpagePhotocoupler InputpageRelay ControllerpageVEML6075 UV Sensor

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