Python Library for Bosch Sensortec BME280 Environmental Sensor.

Python Library

Turta_Env_280 library is responsible for reading temperature, humidity, and pressure data from the BME280 sensor.


Add the following statement to the top of your Python code.
from turta_sensoruhat import Turta_Env_280
Then, create an instance of the Turta_Env_280 class.
env = Turta_Env_280.EnvironmentalSensor()
Now you're ready to access the library by calling its instance.

Basic Members

Read Temperature

Reads the temperature in Celsius.
float read_temperature()
  • Parameters
    • None
  • Returns
    • Float: Temperature reading.

Read Humidity

Reads the relative humidity.
float read_humidity()
  • Parameters
    • None
  • Returns
    • Float: Relative humidity reading.

Read Pressure

Reads the pressure in Pa.
float read_pressure()
  • Parameters
    • None
  • Returns
    • Float: Air pressure in Pa.

Read Altitude

Reads the altitude from the sea level in meters.
float read_altitude(meanSeaLevelPressureInBar)
  • Parameters
    • Float meanSeaLevelPressureInBar: Mean sea level pressure in bar.
  • Returns
    • Float: Altitude from the sea level.


When exiting from the program, the library stops the sensor.