UV Light

Python Library for Si1133 UV, IR, and Visible Light Sensor.

Python Library

Turta_UV_Light library is responsible for reading UV Index, IR light, and visible light data from the Si1133 sensor.


Add the following statement to the top of your Python code.

from turta_sensoruhat import Turta_UV_Light

Then, create an instance of the UVAmbientLightSensor class.

light = Turta_UV_Light.UVAmbientLightSensor()

Now you're ready to access the library by calling its instance.

Basic Members

Read UV

Reads the UV Index value.

  • Parameters

    • None

  • Returns

    • Float: UV Index.

Read IR

Reads the IR value.

  • Parameters

    • None

  • Returns

    • Int: Raw IR value.


When exiting from the program, the library stops the sensor.

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